3 Wheel Scooter Könen
LED smoke out of turbines, built-in loudspeakers and Bluetooth module
Watch the video about the scooter
For children aged 3 to 9 years
Free return if you don't like the scooter. 12 months guarantee
Fast delivery within 2-3 days
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Main features of Könen Spray Scooter
The scooter has the sound of the engine start as well as 8 downloaded songs. You can also turn on your own music via Bluetooth. The kit includes a battery and a USB-charger
Built-in speaker and Bluetooth module
Don't worry about the quality - the scooter is resistant to external factors and mechanical loads. For children weighing up to 50 kg. 1 year warranty. German brand
Scooter is not afraid of water and damage
The scooter has 3 wide LED rubber wheels that allow the scooter to stay stable while driving
Solid and wide LED rubber wheels
The scooter has 3-stage adjustable handlebar's height so that the scooter grows with the child. Fits perfectly for the children 110 cm - 152 cm high
3-stage adjustable handlebar
LED turbines give the impression of the space ship and create unforgettable visual effects. No risk of burn injuries
Cold LED fume
Steam is absolutely safe for children and the environment

Safe Steam
buy 2 scooters and get a 15 euro discount!
Special offer
Delivery abroad is possible
Your child will feel like a superhero!
For delivery, we put this box in an extra cardboard box so that your child will not know what is inside when the courier brings the package to you. So you can make a surprise for your child.
We pack the scooters in a robust cardboard box and deliver them via a courier delivery service.

Each scooter is packed in our branded cardboard box, as shown on the photo.
Safe packaging consisting of two robust cardboard boxes
You're not risking anything!
We provide a free return within 14 days if your child doesn't like the scooter
Cash on delivery possible
Safe delivery guaranteed
Our scooters are not afraid of anything!
The steam turbines work on the principle of water fog which is absolute safe for the child.

To activate the fogging function, fill both tanks with cool water and press the button on the control panel.

Fog and LED lighting give the impression of a jet engine on a space ship.
LED turbines
The scooters are made of carbon plastic so that your child will enjoy the scooter for many years!
Our scooters are not afraid of anything!
Reviews from our customers:
We guarantee safe delivery directly to your home. Each scooter is packed in a robust box and protected by bubble wrap.

• Delivery to Germany takes 1-2 business days.
• Delivery to Austria takes 1-3 business days.
We deliver scooters all over the world via delivery service UPS
We accept the following payment methods: Cash on delivery, PayPal, Visa and MasterCard, Klarna Payments. All online payments are safe and secure
If you are not satisfied with the product, you can make a refund within 14 days of purchase. Cash on delivery is possible.

More information about the refund policy can be found here: https://sprayscooter.com/en/return
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